Target group report IO1

Target group report IO1

We are happy to announce that our first IO is ready to be disseminated.

Output 1 consists of:

  1. 2 focus groups per country of which
    • the first for Skilled Migrants (n.10 persons per country);
    • the second for organisations working with migrants (n.5 organisations per country).
  2. Desk research – looking into training needs of skilled migrants (exploring numbers of highly skilled migrants in each partner country, training available currently, profiles of migrants etc)
  3. Interviews – In-depth Interviews/Case Studies
  4. National Analysis Reports
  5. Final Guide

Partners developed and delivered interviews to be completed by 5 people (skilled migrants and organisations with experience working with migrants) from each partner country.

  1. National Reports

Final Guide (in all partner languages and in English)


The main report in English 🙂

Final English Report VET4MIGRE_compressed

Read here the English version.


We hope that this information will contribute.


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